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On these online help pages, acronyms have a dotted underline, for example, FAQs. Placing your mouse pointer over an acronym will display what it stands for.


The following list describes some of the terms used in the online help.

When searching for a particular record or range of records, filters can be used exclude records that are not relevant from your search results.

For more information see the online help: Printcost > Search / Filter:

House Rules
With Printcost, you can set up house rules, for example, to determine the required processes and quantities for a quote. House rules can be applied during the estimation processes using Xpert. These house rules can also be overridden manually using the Xpert Results window.
A quickpick is a pre-defined set of filters that can be applied when displaying a list of records.

For more information see the online help: Printcost > Search / Filter:

Xpert is a feature of Printcost that guides users through the quotation process, automatically applying house rules along the way.
Non-print Area
The margin around the edge of a sheet that cannot be printed on is the 'non-print' area rather than the grip margin. This is because it may not be just for grip that this margin is set.
A process is collection of rates that relate to a particular operation or activity. For example: An operation may be the setting up of a particular machine or press. Other examples include processes such as are folding, packing and freight.
A rate can be:
  • the cost per unit of particular material, e.g. paper, ink
  • the cost per unit of operation (Printcost Activity), e.g., set-up, trimming, wash-up, or
  • administration fee of e.g. $10:00 per quote.
Single-Printing-Part Work (Simple Work)
In addition to the Prepress and Completion parts of an estimate, simple work has one printing part. Examples of simple work are:
  • business cards
  • letterheads
  • leaflets, and
  • posters.
Multi-Printing-Part Work
In addition to the Prepress and Completion parts of an estimate, as the name suggests, multi-printing-part work has two or more printing parts. Examples of multi-part work are:
  • brochures
  • books
  • magazines, and
  • NCR sets.
The term Printcon stands for Continuous Type Printing.